Some Of The Biggest And Most Daring Casino Wins

Biggest Casino Wins

It's not uncommon to win money at an online casino, but most people lose more than they win. That's why it's so refreshing to hear stories of players who hit it really big. Players have been winning life changing jackpots for years both offline and online, and their stories can be a real source of inspiration for online players.

Betting It Big In Front Of The Camera

Brit Revell decided he wanted a change in his life and he knew just the way to do it. He sold all of his possessions including his clothing and amassed a total of £89,000. He promptly placed this entire amount down on a Vegas roulette table and doubled his money by betting on red. A Sky camera crew caught the whole thing on video and he used all his winnings to set up an online poker company.

Bringing In One Of The Highest Online Wins Ever

fisherman from Aberdeenshire had his dreams come true when he brought in one of the highest Internet wins of all time at BetVictor. While playing Hall of Gods he won the progressive jackpot to the cool tune of £5.4 million. It's safe to say that he's just doing what he loves today. His dreams came true with just a single spin of the slot machine. Since that win Betvictor paid out a few more major jackpots, but none at the same level as the fisherman.

British Soldier Hits It Big

In October of 2015 Jon Heywood, a British soldier recently back from Afghanistan won a massive fortune while playing at Betway. He won a slot machine progressive jackpot for a total of a little over 17 million and the spin that won him the money only cost 25p. He plans to spend some of the money getting his father the best healthcare possible, and also plans on buying a new car to upgrade from his Fiat Punto and he set the world record for the highest online win.

Finland Player Hits It Big Playing Mega Fortune

A 40-year old player from Hellsinki Finland managed to win one of the largest online jackpot wins of all time. In fact he set a record for a time. He was playing Mega Fortune with .25c bets and managed to win the Mega Jackpot for a grand total of €17,861,797.77. He recalls laughing and crying at the same time and said that the win seemed unreal at the time. He chose to remain unnamed, but it's safe to say that this massive win has changed his life.

Hitting It Big At Mr Green

Gabriel, a man from Sweden hit it big on a game he doesn't normally play at Mr Green casino. He managed to achieve a €700,000 win on Geisha Wonders, a slot machine at the casino, and it only cost him a couple of €3 bets to win it. He says that the money will come in handy with a new baby on the way, and plans to use a large portion of it to obtain a new home and start his life with his family.

There are plenty of stories where players won much more money than they expected while playing at casinos, both online and off. There is always an opportunity to win a large amount of money, but it seems that the largest online wins come from the progressive jackpot casinos.