Everything You Need To Know About Playing Live Dealer Games

Live Dealer Games

While there are some serious benefits that come along with playing at a casino online, many people argue that they simply aren't as engaging as playing in person for real cash is.

It's hard to argue with those people, and that's why many British players have turned to live dealer games at their favourite casino online sites like the famous . This casino leaves traditional casino games behind in the dust thanks to its engaging live dealer variations of some of the most popular casino games. These titles offer the engagement that others lack.

Overall, at the best real dealer online casinos you'll enjoy:

  • More realism
  • Longer turns so you have more time to think
  • Truly random results
  • Getting to play against and interact with real people

That's just for starters though, and you'll discover many more benefits to playing at UK live dealer online casinos in our guides to the most popular live games.

Main Advantages

A live dealer game isn't very much different than a standard game as far as rules go, but there are a couple of advantages to playing this type of game in Britain.

First of all it's a more realistic and engaging experience where you challenge a real person. It's also a bit more random because physical systems are in place to make everything work. A random number generator is very random, but just doesn't feel as authentic.

Finally you get a little more contact with another person, which can bring a special element to the game.

The Difference Between Real Dealer And Traditional Games

When you're considering playing at the best online casinos with live dealer games, you're probably wondering what the main difference is between this type of casino game and a standard game.

There are two main differences. The first is that when playing a real dealer game you're actually playing with a real person that's manipulating the game. This person might be dealing you cards in the case of live dealer blackjack, or spinning a wheel for roulette. Baccarat and Hold'em games can also be enjoyed with a real dealer.

Either way you are looking at a real person and they are in charge of the game.

When you play a traditional online casino game, a Random Number Generator is in charge of the results. In live dealer games, you are put face to face with a real dealer who decides your fate, much like a physical casino, all within the comfort of your home.

System Requirements For Live Gameplay

It's important that you pay attention to system requirements when thinking about playing at the best online casinos with live dealer games because they are a bit harder on your computer hardware. You should read through the website to see how powerful your computer has to be and make sure that you are going to be able to run the software and enjoy a quality experience at the same time.

Most casinos available to players in the United Kingdom are designed to work on standard computers, so as long as your machine isn't too outdated it shouldn't be a problem to make the game work, but it's always a good idea to double check before you get started.

The Best UK Casinos With Live Games

If you're interested in seeing a real money live dealer game for yourself, you should take a look at some of the approved UK options that we've listed on this very page. They all work with real money and they are some of the top options that we've been able to find for the area.

Each of the options has reliable game rooms to play in and makes depositing and withdrawing money simple. Many of our best UK live dealer casino options listed offer several different game types to try out, so that you can experience life-like casino gameplay of all your favourite table games.

Don't take too long trying to find the best live dealer online casinos, and instead use our list and get playing today.