UK’s Best Roulette Online Casinos

Roulette Online Casinos

Roulette is one of the easiest table games to learn to play and with a bit of practice you can be playing this simple game online and placing winning bets. It's important that you find a UK casino with roulette online that offers a quality experience before you play, and that can be a time consuming process without the right help.

As a UK player, it's important that you play roulette online at a UK casino that offers a high quality experience before you play, for instance, the renowned . It is a hot favourite for players who enjoy a range of roulette variations from American to European and everything in between.

Once you get down the basics (and really, it's mostly basics), you'll discover all the perks of playing roulette online:

  • Quicker winnings. Compared to playing roulette in a land casino, you go through exponentially more spins per hour, meaning many more opportunities to win real money.
  • Mobile play. Possibly the only thing better than playing online roulette for real cash from your laptop is doing so from your mobile smartphone or tablet.
  • Ultra convenience. When you sign up for one of our roulette online casino recommendations, you can register, deposit, and begin playing in literal seconds.

That's just the shortlist of the best reasons to play roulette online, and there are many below in our guide to roulette online casinos.

Understanding How To Play Online Roulette

Roulette is a simple game to play, but you'll want to learn the basics of it before you play for real money. You place a bet on colour, number or a variation of the two as the wheel is spinning. A little ball jumps from place to place on the wheel and depending on the position of the ball and the bet you placed you will either win or lose money.

The best players know all the different strategies and odds involved with different bets, but as long as you get the simple basics as explained above you'll know enough to at least try. It's also important to know that, when playing at a UK casino online, the more specific your roulette bet, the higher the potential return is on that bet.

Beginner's Strategy

Now that you know how online roulette at a UK casino works in the most basic sense, it's time to go over a bit of beginner's strategy with you. When you begin playing for real cash you'll see that some players win more often than others. Some of this is luck, but no matter where you play in the world, the United Kingdom, or some other area, strategy is also an important factor.

When you first start you should stick with placing the minimum bet on the outside of the wheel. That means that you'll be betting on red or black and you'll have the chance of receiving a 1:1 return on your investment. This is one of the safest bets that you can make and is a good way to familiarize yourself with the game.

European roulette has a single 0 and American has a 0 and 00 spaces. Payouts are calculated without accounting for the 0 and 00 spaces meaning odds get worse with each added space.

To really maximise your chances of winning and make playing roulette more exciting, break up your bet between a few outside options that slightly overlap.

The Different Types Of UK Casino Roulette Online

There are a few different types of roulette that you should be aware of when you start at an online casino. There is European roulette, American roulette and live dealer roulette. The main differences between the European and American versions are:

American Roulette

  • 0 and 00 spaces on the wheel
  • House edge of 5.26%
  • Even bet (like red/black) win probability of 47.4%

French Roulette

  • No 00 space, just one 0
  • House edge of 2.70%
  • Even bet win probability of 48.6%

When playing at a UK casino you might have both options to choose from or only one or the other. If you want to maximize your odds you should opt for the French or European roulette option over the American version each and every time that you can.

Try The Top Roulette Casinos in Britain

When real cash is on the line you want access to the best casinos with online roulette, the casinos with fair odds and excellent support while having a good quality interface as well. You can find that at one of our recommended casinos. We list the top online roulette UK casino options based on gameplay quality, fair odds, ease-of-use and of course deposit and withdrawal methods. It's hard coming up with the best options available, but by carefully building up a list we make it easy for players to pick a casino online.

Save yourself time and use one of our recommended UK casino online roulette options.

History of Roulette

Maybe unsurprisingly, roulette originated in France (where the word means 'little wheel'). A primitive version of the game actually came from an attempt to create a perpetual motion machine by mathematician Blaise Pascal and also from a number of English and Italian wheel and board games.

A version similar to what we know today was played in Paris as early as 1796, which included both a 0 and 00 space (similar to modern American roulette). In the 1840s, a German casino introduced a single 0 version in order to draw in more players, and since then the styles of the game have spread and gained popularity in their respective regions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Roulette Online

Is roulette online legal?

UK roulette fans can rejoice, as online gambling in the UK as long as you are of age and the online casino you are playing on is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission.

So have no fear, as all of the sites we recommend are proper for UK players!

Where can I play at a roulette casino online?

If you follow our recommendations on this very page, you will find nothing but the very best places to play roulette online.

What is the difference between French/European roulette and American?

The main difference between the two games comes in the house edge: American roulette carries a house edge of 5.26% while the French game is 2.70%.

This is due to the fact that American roulette contains both a 0 and 00 slot on its wheel whereas French/European contains just the single 0.

Is roulette popular in the UK?

Absolutely! UK residents love to gamble, and roulette has long been one of the favorite games for Brits both online and in brick and mortar casinos.

How much real cash is it possible to win playing roulette online?

That's up to you, your bankroll, and the wheel!

Never bet more than you are willing to lose, but countless people all around the world have made great money playing online roulette by being patient and practicing good bankroll management.

Can I use a betting system or strategy?

Yes! As long as you aren't modifying the game's software anyway (which is basically impossible to do) you can use a Martingale, Labouchere, or any other roulette betting system to your heart's content.

Just keep in mind that no matter what system or strategy you use, the house will always have an edge.

Are online roulette games rigged?

If you choose a casino that we recommend and that is certified by a quality-assurance organization like the UK Gambling Commission or eCOGRA, you will only find roulette sites that offer fair and balanced play.

These organizations also certify that all your transactions, as well as your personal information, are protected securely with the latest in encryption technology.